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Placemat Brochure

Service: For the agreed price, we will provide 15,000 dining placemats with your ad size to be used by our partner restaurants over approximately 45 Days. In general, we expect each restaurant’s usage to occur within 30 to 50 days. In most cases we work with multiple restaurants to reach the required 15,000 threshold in approximately 45 days. Because each restaurant’s usage can vary, some restaurants will finish a run sooner than the 45 days.

If you purchased multiple 45 day cycles, the same metrics apply. For example, four cycles would be 60,000 mats over four 45 day cycles or six months.

Ad Development and Approval: Upon receipt of payment, we will work with you to finish development of your ad no later than one week prior to the expected start date noted below. This one week Proof Cut-Off Date is the minimum time necessary to create a print-ready layout and to print and distribute the placemats.

Most of our customers use a business card for their ad. Depending on the style of the card, we can sometimes incorporate minor additions like taglines or decorative borders. In some cases, we may recommend decorative borders or other design elements to help distinguish your ad from adjoining ads.

Development work will occur by phone and email. At the final proof stage, we will ask you to approve that proof via email. If for some reason we don’t reach a an acceptable proof by the Proof Cut-Off Date, we will cycle your ad into the next run. That could occur up to 45 days from the expected start date below.

If you don’t plan to use a business card, we will try to use your available graphics in the desired space. If you have no graphics available, we are happy to help you with options and costs to develop. Except for very elaborate graphics, development costs are normally fairly modest.

Placement: We fill similar-sized ad space from the outside toward the center in the order received by customers. Ads for repeat customers are usually moved to the outside and upper left as outer spaces become available. Similarly, repeat customers can sometimes request certain spots as availability permits.

Despite this placement practice, our belief is that ad placement doesn’t substantially change overall views. First, the placemat is fully exposed for 15 to 30 minutes before and after the plate is set. Most people will view the mat extensively before the plate is set and again after the meal plate and utensils are removed. Most importantly, people will normally focus the most on ads that align with their current interests and needs regardless of placement.

While outer ads are more visible after the plate is set, people tend to be mostly occupied with eating and socializing during the meal. Also, the areas around the plate actually do serve the intended purpose of the mat – which is to catch dropped food. Those areas also tend to be where people set discarded food as part of fish, chicken, and other meals.

Promotions: If you opt for a cut-out ad for promotion purposes, we will always include visible wording for diners to contact you directly. We strongly encourage you to have all of the details of the promotion worked out at least one week in advance of the expected start date. In rare instances we may start distribution mats up to one week before the expected start date. If we receive inquiries about your promotion, we will always refer the prospective customer to you and will not answer any questions about the promotion.

Please be aware that we can’t stop distribution of the full 15,000 placemants if you change your mind later.

Direct Competitors: We will not solicit ad purchases of your direct competitors for the same mat. However, we may present ads of firms that compete with you in some product or service categories but wouldn’t be considered direct, head-on competitors.