Get Free Custom Placemats for Your Dining Establishment!

Partner Brochure

Service: We will provide dining placemats to you free of charge in exchange for your exclusively use of them through the notice period described below. You understand that we sell advertising space on placemats to local firms who buy a fixed number of views over a 45 day period at your and other restaurants.

Your Space: The sample mat shows the space allotted for your restaurant name and tagline. We will work with you to create the graphic over the coming weeks. While we will always keep the size of the allotted space the same, it’s possible that the placement may shift slightly from the sample.

No Direct Competitors: We don’t accept ads for retail food service businesses. However, we will work with firms like convenience stores and others who offer limited food products as part of their overall offerings. We may also work with caterers who don’t have a physical retail dining or take out location. In some cases we may also work with resorts that may have dining facilities.

Tasteful Ads: We avoid ads for firms which provide services that may not be conducive to a positive dining experience. That includes firms like sewer cleaning services, certain health services, funeral and cremation services, and firms whose name or business involves any sexual reference of any kind.

Stocking and Restocking: We will work with you to get an initial estimate of your expected volume over the first 45 days. We will then provide an initial supply to cover two to four weeks of usage. For restocking, we will stop by periodically to count your stock and replenish accordingly.

We are happy to perform the counts and restocking without involving your staff. But we will also understand if you prefer our people to check in with your staff first. Regardless of your choice, please be aware that we need to do the count ourselves to ensure that we are meeting our commitment to advertisers. You can be assured that we will never make a stop during any meal rush.

Unplanned Restocking: We plan to always keep you stocked with about one week’s supply. However, if your stock falls to a level of concern because of unexpected high volume, we would appreciate that you contact us immediately. We can’t guarantee restocking in less than four days from your contact.

Mat Rotation: It’s possible that the advertisers may change slightly with each 45 day run. We will simply add to or replace the stock you had at that point with the newest version.