Remanufactured 3406B / 3406C Injection Pump / Timing Advance/ AFRC/ Lift Pump!  7W3906 - 7E5887 - 7E5888

Our fully remanufactured pumps include completely rebuilt timing advances, transfer pumps, AFRC's, and governors.  Includes a NEW fuel Shutoff solenoid (if equipped) and a new low idle/engine brake switch (if equipped).  All components are carefully disassembled, degreased, and stripped to bare metal.  All bearings/bushings are replaced with NEW components, all seals and gaskets are replaced, and camshafts and lifters/rollers are RECONDITIONED!  Every single component is carefully inspected and reconditioned or replaced with NEW components.  All pumps are set to customers specification/engine requirements and include a 1 year warranty on failure of the pump and it's associated components.  
$4999.99 + Shipping!
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R.J. Bastyr Inc.
All remanufactured pumps are sold exchange and built for your specific use/engine serial number.  All exchanges are subject to a core charge of up to $1500.00 if not received in 30 days.  Incomplete or disassembled cores will be subject to all or part of the core charge.  You must contact us at the time of sale, or before to give us your engine serial number and provide a credit card for us to keep on file until we receive the core.  Your credit card will not be charged unless you fail to return your core, or it is incomplete/disassembled (cores must have timing advances, transfer pumps, AFRC's, and governors intact), or any/all of your core is not rebuildable.  Your pump will not be built and/or shipped until we have your card number and serial number on file.  
Timing advances must be set on a running engine with a timing meter.  We do our best to get timing advance settings close, but they should be finalized on the engine.  We perform this service for free to our customers who bring their truck's/engines to our location.  We also perform injection pump installations/swaps at our location for additional cost.  
Our warranty covers the remanufactured pump and its associated components only, damages to any other part of the vehicle of any type are not covered.  Buyer is responsible for removing and returning pump for warranty reasons or bring engine/vehicle to us for replacement of pump. Any disassembly or modification will void warranty.