Caterpillar Fuel Injection Pump Specialists

We’re proud to be the only U.S. shop dedicated entirely to Cat’s legendary 3200, 3300, & 3400 family of engines.  Please call for extraordinary expertise.

Our extraordinary expertise is simple.  While most shops cover the full spectrum of makes and models, our shop and people are organized exclusively around these legendary engines.

That specialization gains us far greater command of the many unique technical facets of these engines.   It also allows us to work much smarter and faster.

By incorporating the highest possible workmanship standards, you’re assured of superior reliability and durability – and at very competitive prices.

In short, we’re 100% confident that you won’t find better value anywhere.

Site Updates

Shipping Error Messages: A number of pages present a message from our shipping partner that says, “One or more providers reported an error.” Please disregard this message. If you go through checkout, you will see 8 – 15 shipping options with pricing. Any option presented to you is working correctly. You will also receive a shipping confirmation right after.

Pump Locations: You can find our 3406 remanufactured fuel injection pumps here and our 3306 series here.

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Select Images of Our Comprehensive Fuel Injection Pump Remanufacturing Process – 3406C

Current Parts Availability:  We supply most parts for the 3400 series now. That’s about 1,700 in total with different kinds of kits. Parts without an “M” in front are normally genuine Cat OEM.

Parts with an “M” in front are normally from Interstate-McBee, the leading supplier of Cat OEM-Grade Parts.

We can also get just about any other part you need with a quote request or call.  For these parts, it might take an extra day or two to ship. Please check back for upcoming additions of the full range 3300 and 3200 engine parts.

Custom Work:  We are also happy to custom build a Cat fuel injection pump to meet your needs.   

20220614 1007116845313782929310473 scaled Sized 1
Fully Remanufactured 3304 Fuel Injection Pump

How to Reach Us: You can reach us by phone at 218-214-7993 or by email at sales@rjbastyr.com. We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm CST.

FYI: Google Location Image: Google is showing the wrong business for those searching our name. The image is of a heavy excavation business on the lot next to ours. That owner is upset that an image was taken on his property without permission. We are slightly upset that it’s the wrong business. We have both sent tickets to Google to resolve the situation.

Google first responded by telling us we are free to take our own 360 degree image of the correct property. In addition to making us a little dizzy, we decided that’s not the best solution and have elevated the request. Stay tuned for an update.

More Information:  Next to this site, Facebook is our most important venue.  We regularly post customer interest and technical information there.  Please stop by and have a look.  https://www.facebook.com/rjbastyrinc

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