Warranty, Core, Cancellation, and Returns Policies

Remanufactured Injection Pump Warranty  Our warranty is one year on all components.  All warranty service and repair must be performed by R.J. Bastyr Inc.  Customers are responsible for returning the pump and components to R.J. Bastyr Inc. for warranty service and repair.

The warranty covers the injection pump and it’s attached/shipped components only.  No progressive damages to the engine or other equipment are covered under warranty for any reason. R.J. Bastyr Inc. will repair or replace, at its option, the injection pump and its components after the unit has been returned for inspection, service, and repair.

Core Return and Charge  Customers agree to return the complete injection pump core (cleaned and drained), with camshaft and pump groups, lift pump, and AFRC, along with original packaging to be received by R.J. Bastyr, Inc. within 30 days of receiving the re-manufactured injection pump from R.J. Bastyr, Inc.

The full core charge is $1200. A full or partial refund of core charge will be given after the disassembly and inspection of the returned core.

Cores returned that are not cleaned, not drained, incomplete, damaged in any way, not returned within 30 days of receipt of re-manufactured pump, improperly packaged, or not returned in the complete original packaging, in the same manner as the re-manufactured pump was shipped to the customer will be ineligible for all or part of the core refund, at the sole discretion of R.J. Bastyr Inc.             

Returns/Cancellation of Remanufactured Injection Pump  Except as provided above under Remanufactured Injector Pump Warranty, R.J. Bastyr does not accept returns or cancellations for any reason.

Cancellations of Orders / Returns of Other Parts   R.J. Bastyr, Inc. may approve in advance the return of certain parts in the exact condition they were shipped to customers.  For returns approved in advance by R.J. Bastyr, the customer is responsible for return shipping costs and must pay an 20% restocking and handling fee in advance of the return.  R.J. Bastyr Inc may approve the cancellation of parts orders on an individual basis, such cancellations are subject the a 20% fee.

R.J. Bastyr, Inc. may reject return requests for special order parts, certain parts bundles, certain parts assemblies, and other products.  Customers should ask about a products return eligibility  before purchase, please contact us. 

Customers must request a return via an email within ten days of purchase that includes clear dated pictures of the product and one or more reasons for the return.  R.J. Bastyr, Inc. will normally respond to these email requests within one week of receipt. 

Contact us at sales@rjbastyr.com for questions related to refunds and returns.