Month: October 2022

How Giant is Caterpillar? 

Did you know Cat is the largest construction & mining equipment company in the world?  This fascinating video touches on the amazing range of industries Cat is in and the 300 products Cat makes with more than 100,000 employees and 100 plants worldwide. 

Stolen 90 Ton Cat Mining Truck Takes to a Crowded Highway 

This riveting video shows a stolen 90 ton Cat mining truck jumping on the highway and taking police on a 70 mile white knuckle journey.  We noticed several people in the comments section complimented the driver on at least keeping the hazard lights on and sticking to the slow lane the whole time. 

Key Global Shipping Index Showing Mixed Future Demand

The Baltic Dry Index tracks global prices to move commodities by the three largest categories of ships – up to 150,000 tons.  It includes things like iron ore, coal, cement, and grain.  It’s considered one the best leading economic indicators because it measures global raw materials demand.  After showing strong improvement in September and early…

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