Why Proper Injection Pump Calibration is Crucial for a Smooth Running Engine

If you’re looking to keep your old engine running like new, make sure that your injection pump is properly calibrated. Just replacing parts in a pump can lead to uneven fuel rates, which will cause the engine to run rough. Our process of calibration is detailed and tedious, but it’s the only true way to ensure that each cylinder receives an even amount of fuel.

Over time, parts in the pump inevitably wear down and cause the it to deliver uneven amounts of fuel to the cylinders. This can lead to engine problems such as increased wear on pistons, rings, cylinder walls, and valves.

But with a properly calibrated pump, your engine will run smoothly at idle or under full load! Plus, it’ll help extend the life of your pistons, rings, cylinder walls, and valves.

At our shop, we take the extra time to properly rebuild and calibrate each injection pump that comes through our doors. We hold a tolerance of not more that 3 ml/250 strokes (500 engine revolutions) difference from cylinder to cylinder, that’s less than 0.012 ml per injection cycle!

If you’re having trouble with your pump or simply want peace of mind knowing that your engine is running at optimum performance, give us a call. Our team of experts are always more than happy to help get poorly performing engines back up and running like new!

Here you can see the uneven fuel rate from cylinder to cylinder
After calibration you can see the improvement from cylinder to cylinder


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