3406 B/C Governor Rebuild/Update/Upgrade Kit For Truck Engines. All OEM Cat Components


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We’re proud to be the only U.S. shop dedicated entirely to Cat’s legendary 3200, 3300, & 3400 engine series. Please call for dependable help on this top quality, Governor Rebuild & Upgrade Kit for Truck Engines.  That includes diagnostic help to determine if this kit is the right solution for your symptoms.

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Need to rebuild the governor on your 3406B or 3406C truck engine?  Look no further than our governor rebuild kit!

This kit works for all late style 3406B or 3406C truck engines and includes all of the same quality parts that we replace in every governor rebuild during our remanufacturing process.

The kit is updated with the latest style flyweight carrier, the matching late style flyweights, and late style governor races (these MUST be replaced as a set, many governors fail from mixing late style and early style components).

This kit is also UPGRADED with a new 8M-9141 Governor Spring, which will provide improved throttle response and raise your rack-setpoint/high idle to govern your engine at approximately 2100 RPM under full load (high idle with no load will be higher than 2100 rpm, this is normal).

Included in this kit are all of the normal wearing components, gaskets, seals, and bearings that are typically needed during a governor rebuild.  Here is the full list of Genuine OEM Caterpillar components included in this kit.

1 4N-9019 DOWEL
2 8E-5237 RACE
1 7L-3326 BEARING
1 8N-5763 SEAL
1 3L-6768 O-Ring
2 317-0808 SEAL-O-RING
1 5P-5601 SEAL-O-RING
1 8M-9141 SPRING
1 4M-8303 SEAL O RING
1 8N-6680 Screen Assembly
1 2D-6392 SEAL O RING
1 144-0477 GASKET
1 144-0481 GASKET
1 196-1804 O-Ring
1 8M-8515 SEAL-O RING
1 5P-6620 SEAL O RING
1 138-9507 SEAL
1 4N-0260 SEAL
1 144-0479 GASKET
2 1J-9671 SEAL-O-RING
1 8N-3761 GASKET
4 8C-8564 Screw-Pan Head
1 6H-9691 RING
1 5F-9144 SEAL-O-RING
1 144-0480 GASKET
1 5P-9757 SEAL
1 6V-5029 SEAL
1 7E-3986 Carrier-Weight
4 119-8699 WEIGHT
1 8N-2510 SHAFT
4 9Y-7037 Bolt 12 Point Head
4 1S-5440 Dowel
1 7W-4272 NUT SELF SEL
1 4N-0432 BEARING
2 7N-7270 Sleeve Bearing (Bushing)
1 3K-5733 Compression Spring
2 7N-8821 RING
1 6N-3504 Governor Spring Seat
2 133-8890 RACE
1 4N-2953 LOCK-RING
1 7M-7219 BEARING
1 5P8210 SEAL-O-RING
1 4P-9608 GASKET

(For optimal results, set your rack setpoint/high idle with a proper rack-setpoint indicator after your governor rebuild).

If you are unsure if this kit is right for you, please ask us for a quote, provide your engine serial number, and we will do our best to get you set up with the right product.

Finally, here is a link to our fully remanufactured 3406 pumps.  This will give you a rough idea of what you’re saving if the kit solves your issues or what the full remanufacturing cost is if it doesn’t.



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